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Home of the PREMIUM Rose! Our 60 cm roses have Longer Stems, Larger Heads, and last LONGER than shorter roses.

All designs are Designer's Choice which means the flowers may vary. Plus lots of balloons, bears, and chocolates to choose from !!!!


AIntDoz Red Roses.jpg (34877 bytes)             AIntHalf Doz Red Roses with Chocolates.jpg (28618 bytes)           A Amore.jpg (30002 bytes)          A Bella.jpg (35630 bytes)          A AjLittle Love.jpg (46654 bytes)                           

1 Doz Red                  1/2 Doz Red                          Amore                       Bella                            A Little Love

                                   with candy




     AIntValentine Combo with FREE Mylar.jpg (21759 bytes)            A TouchOfClass.jpg (38875 bytes)           A Round Up.jpg (40286 bytes)   

    Valentine Combo             Touch of Class            Round Up

     with FREE Mylar                              



 Add a stuffed animal, candy, or balloon or SINGING ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!