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                                      Price Each      Quantity   Total


Insulin Helper Card                                  $24.95     _____     ____   Intro Price $19.95!

Customized for each patient*


Tight Control The Easy Way                     $10        _____     ____

30 page booklet                                                         


Tight Control The Easy Way and             $33        _____     ____

Insulin Helper Card

Booklet with one Customized Card**


Insulin Helper Office Starter Kit

With a patient new to insulin, you can't

compute an ISF so you can give them a

card to start with. 

6 cards, all with ISF 50 using targets:

150, 140, 130, 120, 110, 100                  $30         _____    ____  



Handling/Shipping per item                    $1         _____     ____

If buy 6 cards, $6, 3 cards, $3   

Card and booklet $2. Out of US

double the rate - so 1 card is $2       



Total For Items                   ______


SHIP TO: Name  ______________________ Phone _________________


Facility ____________________________________________________


 Street _______________________


City____________________  State ____         ZIP __________



* For Insulin Helper Cards must have the following Information from Physician:

Insulin Sensitivity Factor =      ________      Blood Glucose Target __________

If you want Insulin in tenths of units instead of half units put an X here ________

For the large type version, put an X here _______

For the MMoles/Liter version, put an X here ______


To view and print the directions for The Insulin Helper, CLICK HERE.


**With the Tight Control Booklet is a form to obtain a customized Insulin Helper

so you can purchase multiple booklets and get the Insulin Helper later